Who We Are

Our Purpose

To create long-term outcomes and impact in the lives of people living with disability by sustaining and optimising assets.

Our Growth and our Work

Sylvanvale Foundation generates wealth and financial returns from investments in property and financial instruments. The Foundation funds and participates in capital projects and philanthropic activities for people with disability. The source of funds, and their use, are not administratively tied to the NDIS or NDIS funding.
The Foundation wants people with disability to be respected, belong in their chosen community, and is focused on two key drivers to strive towards this:

1. Housing for people with disability

2. Inclusion in the community

Our Strategy

How we will fulfill our Purpose

  • Effective wealth, asset management and sustained growth.
  • Effective asset allocation over the long term.
  • Maintaining charitable status and all related compliance requirements.
  • Remaining aware and contemporary with the dynamic disability sector.
  • Going beyond what is possible within the constraints of NDIS funded organisations. 
  • Operational excellence and efficiency.

Our Commitments

  • Achieve excellence in governance and stewardship.
  • Expertise in wealth* management, asset investment, property development and philanthropic areas.
  • Seek and implement expertise that is required to make informed decisions about asset investment, property development and philanthropic activities
  • A long-term sustainable organisation and growth perspective, with a focus on aiming for, and fulfilling, our objectives.
  • Achieve objectives through innovation, creative planning and action.
  • Evidence-based approach to identifying and fulfilling need, which is guided by:
    • the voice of people with disability;
    • effective modelling, forecasting and monitoring; 
    • research in relevant areas relating to disability.
* “Wealth” is defined as the total of the Long Term Pool (LTP), Real Property Pool (RPP), and Short Term Pool (STP). These are defined in Sylvanvale Foundation’s Investment Policy Statement.

Our Values


We know that a sense of inclusion is critical to wellbeing. We value culture, community and two-way communication.


We understand that choice is a fundamental human right and support the right to always exercise choice and control.


We ensure the physical safety and health of our customers and each other as a priority.


We honour diversity and difference; through active listening we support our customers and each other to make choices that are right for their individual circumstances.


We work with others and value their input as we believe this builds stronger communities and networks to support individuals to achieve their goals.